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React Native App Development Services from Kleio

Finest React native App Developers using JavaScript, React-Native CLI, Expo-CLI with the best architecture and creating React Native Apps that mean Business!

BEST Practices followed by Kleio React Native App Development Company

Preparation, Architecture, Tech Stack identification

First and foremost, we critically analyze if the App project is a good candidate for cross platform or react native development or not. In some pretty niche Apps, native can still be a technology of choice so ruling out this possibility is most important first step. Once it is identified that react native is the tech of choice, we then figure out the backend stack (like node.js orgraphql, or traditional LAMP stack), or web front-end third-party libraries, like vue.js, typescript, redux etc. If it’s a regular kind of app that we do time and again (like a dating app or ecommerce app, or healthcare app) then we decide on tech stack in few hours only; if it is a niche one- of-a-kind project (like an AI based app suggesting you medicine dosage or an App that heavily uses some third- party APIs for its core function – like creating digital avatars or facilitates Holoportation) then we take more than few hours to check on libraries, their scalability with react native and then decide.

Create and Follow Documentation, Make Project Wiki

Description of the desired project outcome will help you to keep on track the work. Documentation of the code will be an incredible source to know about HOW and most importantly WHY things had been done in a particular way. Business logic, especially in bigger projects, is sometimes hard to comprehend for a newly introduced React Native Developer and an easily available documentation is the best solution to preempt such situation. In fact, creating a project wiki is your best bet that will help any future developers to comprehend and understand and work on the project most efficiently. Successful projects need proper controlling over development and testing, which is easy with documentation.