Front-end Developer

Nelson Vega|Aug 14, 2018| Design, profile, Web

Becoming a web craftsman takes time and commitment. There are so many books and courses to complete here is a list of courses that are part of our team requirements. Pluralsight Web Fundamentals Pluralsight HTML-CSS-Javascript the big picture HTML5 Fundamentals Pluralsight Web Accesiblity Pluralsight Web Components Html5 Browser cache Egg Head up and running with … Continue reading “Front-end Developer”


Becoming a full stack developer

Nelson Vega|Jul 12, 2016| Design, profile, Web

Becoming a full stack developer can be a daunting task. Especially without some guidance.Now adays , you find the term thrown around without some guidance around the there. These is how we, at Kleio define the roles and the technologies that we all strive to know and continue to learn. #Profile HTML/HTML5 Semantic Web CSS/CSS3 … Continue reading “Becoming a full stack developer”


Welcome to the new Design

admin|May 17, 2016| Design, profile, Web

We recently switch from single developer organization to a team of engineers. One of the major changes that we set us out to do, was a new design of our website. The purpose of this site is not only to present ourselves as a business but also to help the community by sharing our knowledge and expertise. I hope … Continue reading “Welcome to the new Design”



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