Why You Need An End-to-End Solution Provider for App Development

Why You Need An End-to-End Solution Provider for App Development

Building an application through the use of various 3rd party vendors might have a certain appeal at first glance. For example, one might be tempted to bargain shop multiple developers for various pieces of the same project to gain a cost savings. However, the downside to such an approach far outweighs any short term cost advantage. The preferred alternative is the hiring of one developer, team, or company for end-to-end development. Broadly speaking, most apps have two connected segments—the front and backends. And the process of building these segments from beginning to end is known as the end-to-end application development process. This means the entire project from beginning to end is being handled by one development company or team. Here is a list of attributes required for end-to-end development. It is also known as full stack development, as it includes the entire process which is usually distributed over multiple layers.

  1. Development Planning
  2. Designing of the User Interface
  3. Content Creation
  4. Developing the front end
  5. Developing the backend
  6. Testing
  7. Deployment
  8. Maintenance
Here are the advantages of end-to-end application development. And within these advantages, by contrast, are the pitfalls of a piecemeal project involving multiple parties or vendors. 
  1. Single Point of Contact
    • As stated above the development process involves two segments, the front and backend, which often involves multiple developers specialized in each.
    • With full stack app development, one developer or team is responsible for both segments.
  2. Put an End to Multiple Contracts
    • Apps need maintenance to run without glitches. The app owners have to sign contracts with each of the developers to ensure that every layer of the app is working smoothly.
    • With end-to-end application development, a single developer or company is solely responsible for the functioning of the app.
  3. Low Cost: Hiring a single developer or development company who does it all will cost much less than hiring numerous developers or companies to design and maintain each of the application layers for an app. In the case of the former, the process is well defined, and the developer can be trusted, as they know everything related to the business for which the app is developed. In the case of the latter, various vendors are not always developing under the same plan, which creates conflicts and cost overruns.

Outsourcing Benefits

In any application, a single error can be the cause of a major set-back. With multiple vendors involved, deferring blame and responsibility are common place, leaving you, the customer, playing the role of detective. Outsourcing the entire app development process to a single firm places all of the responsibility in the hands of that company. This makes error resolution far more efficient and cost effective.


Using a single source for your application development process creates a natural incentive for that developer, team or company to create a better product. This is, in part, because they will want to claim it as a success, and a part of their portfolio to showcase to other potential customers. In the case of multiple vendors, the incentives are not always there, especially in the case of conflicting plans and approaches. When an application fails to live up to its promise, 3rd parties tend to back away from any claims of participation.


With one company responsible for the entire project, team bonding is far more likely. This may seem like a small thing to an un-entrenched customer, but team cohesion plays a major role in maintaining the health of an app.


To meet the complex demands of multilayered app development, using a single source is by far your best option. Save yourself time, money, and a potential nightmare by choosing an end-to-end application development team right from the start. Got an idea? Contact us at Hello@Kleiotechnology.com and we’ll make your idea come alive!

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