Why do you need an end to end solution provider for app development?

Why do you need an end to end solution provider for app development?

It comes as no surprise that we spend a lot of time on our mobile phones. Be it for gaming, ordering food, payments, social networking, or online shopping, as users, we don’t really bother to know how an app is designed or maintained to provide us with an error-free system. But as a developer, one does think about the multiple layers of applications that are very carefully connected together to make it easier and interesting for the users to navigate.

To broadly explain, most apps have two segments that should always be connected to each other- the front end and the backend; the end to end application development process. It is the process of building an app from the beginning, by an individual developer or a company without using applications belonging to other developers.

Here is a list of attributes required for end to end development. It is also known as full stack development as it includes the entire process which is usually distributed over multiple layers.

  1. Development Planning
  2. Designing of the User Interface
  3. Content Creation
  4. Developing the front end
  5. Developing the backend
  6. Testing
  7. Deployment
  8. Maintenance

There is a rise in demand for an end to end application development for various reasons. After all, technology is ever-changing and economic feasibility is also a concern for the developers.

  1. Single Point of Contact
    • When someone wants to have an app developed for their business, they will have to contact two developers- the front end and the backend.
    • With full stack app development, one developer will take care of everything.
  2. Put an End to Multiple Contracts
    • Apps need maintenance to run without glitches. The app owners have to sign contracts with each of the developers to ensure that every layer of the app is working smoothly.
    • At an end to end application development, the single developer will be solely responsible for the functioning of the app.
  3. Low Cost: Hiring a single developer who does it all will cost much less than hiring numerous to design and maintain each of the application layers for an app. The process is well defined, and the developer can be trusted as they know everything related to the business for which the app is developed.
- Outsourcing benefits

Amidst a whole lot of front end and back end coding, a single error can cause the product to stop working. Individual vendors might as well start playing the blame game, affecting the product growth majorly. Outsourcing all your app development needs to a single firm would mean cutting short all the time that one would take to locate the error.

- Trustworthy

Let’s face it- in the process of making your idea alive, the app development firm gives it best. Building your app in the best way possible, ensuring its functionality and quality guarantee would mean building a loyal clientele. That makes them trustworthy.

- Teamwork

Because it is the same firm looking into all your needs, teams work with one another without hesitation and miscommunication. This might seem like an ordinary factor, but it plays a major role in maintaining the health of an app.

To meet the modern and complex demand of app development it’s best in your interest to get in touch with an end-to-end app development firm.
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