Building an API using ASP.NET Core

Building an API using ASP.NET Core

Application Programming Interface (API) is an intermediary software that allows applications to communicate or talk to each other. It is a set of commands, protocols, objects, and functions a programmer uses to build software to interact with the internal system.

An API can be built using the ASP.NET Core framework. But, what exactly is an ASP.NET Core you might ask?

Here is the answer. ASP.NET Core is an open-source framework that helps build internet connected applications which are modern and cloud-based. With ASP.NET Core we can,

  1. Use development tools on Windows, Linux, and macOS,
  2. Create web services and apps, mobile backends, etc.,
  3. Integration of development workflows, client-side frameworks,
  4. Host on Apache, IIS, Docker, Nginx, or self-host,
  5. Help API reach a wide range of browsers and mobile devices using the built-in support for multiple data formats,
  6. Perform client side and server side validation automatically by model validation,
  7. Automatically map data from HTTP requests to action method parameters.

The first step in building an API using ASP.NET Core is to create a web API project. The process will be trickier as we go on and as it involves writing a series of codes for creating a database, connecting the layers of the API, making sure that the requests are sent to the right place and the response is delivered to the end user.

At this point in time, you can simply choose to opt for developers in Miami to efficiently handle the job for you for a cost-effective price. Being experienced in the work at hand, it will be easy for the developers to understand your requirements and build an API that best suits your website.

Nevertheless, learning a few basic details about the process of building an API using ASP.Net Core will always be beneficial. It will help you understand what the developers are talking about when they talk about model class, controllers, or Postman and jQuery.

The following are the steps to build an API using ASP.NET Core:

  1. Create a web project by selecting a template and naming the project.
  2. Test the API by launching a browser in the visual studio and appending values to the random port number.
  3. Add a model class and replace the template code.
  4. Add a database context and replace the template code.
  5. Register the database context with dependency injection (DI) container that provides service to controllers.
  6. Add a controller and replace the code.
  7. Add Get methods and test the two GET endpoints by calling from the browser.
  8. It is time for routing and constructing the URL paths. The ‘controller’ in the code has to be replaced by the controller name and the code has to be appended to the path.
  9. Choose the return values to get two different statuses.
  10. Test the web API using Postman and jQuery.

It, therefore, is evident that the process requires expertise and skill. Take a wise decision to build your web API.

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